What happened to two thousand and fourteen?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 has been a whirlwind, I've barely had enough time to update this blogspace! I hope to improve that in 2015. 

So many things have happened this year. I went to Tokyo, I moved out and bought my own place, I grew lots of vegetables, bought a bicycle, camped, swam in the sea, ran 6 miles, made lots of home furnishings, painted my house, mowed the lawn, learnt to cook new recipes, made carrot cake, made courgette cake, rode the portreath to devoran cycle path, got asked to be a bridesmaid, did a big scary presentation, made bookshelves, started to make a dress, went to marrakech, made new friends, explored the woods and sadly lost my dear old friend Smokey the silver tabby cat. She had the softest fur and best squeeze, we rescued her from the RSPCA when she was 6 months old back in October 1998, sixteen years of friendship came to an end in October when she passed away in the night from high blood pressure. Luckily this summer I got plenty of snaps of her soaking up the summer sunshine!

At the end of each year I write a list of things I'd like to achieve, some are simple things, others are a bit more far fetched. I managed to tick off some of the 2014 bucket list, but here's my list of twenty six things to do before I'm twenty seven. I have about 2 months and 3 weeks to do it in! There are some things below that I have missed the boat on so I've crossed them out.

1. Move out.
2. Run 5k
3. Learn to make Risotto.
4. Learn to do a handstand.
5. Run 10k
6. Surf and stand up on a green wave (again, get over the fear)
7. Setup new design portfolio website. Just need to finish this.
8. Surf trip through France, Spain & Portugal.
9. Visit Sri Lanka.
10. Learn to knit a bobble hat.
11. Learn to sew a dress. Just need to finish it.
12. Go on a diet and get fit for being my friends bridesmaid. Started but not complete yet. Size 8 please.
13. Practise yoga at home regularly. Have taken up a 30 day yoga challenge.
14. Make a dinner from things I have grown in the garden.
15. Go to Port Elliot festival. Missed it!
16. Make a short film.
17. Surf through winter again.
18. City break to Amsterdam or Scandinavia.
19. Explore Britain more, visit Wales or Scotland. See a highland Cow.
20. Swim in Jubilee Swimming Pool in Penzance. For next year!
21. Swim castle to castle. Missed it!
22. Keep a daily drawing journal.
23. Go rock climbing.
24. Improve strength and posture.
25. Enter to Belly Board Championship again. Too late to enter.
26. Be the best friend I can be. Try and not get down/upset/angry about things.

Some extra things for two thousand and fifteen.
- Improve my knitting, learn a few different stitches.
- Continue to eat healthily in order to loose some weight.
- Cycle around London on a boris bike.
- Get back in the surf.
- More travelling and camping needed.

Happy New Year!

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