Copper Fox

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

At jewellery club on Monday I made this copper fox brooch, I think it's pretty cool although I wish the indentations on his head had come out a bit more. I scratched them into the metal but after annealing and soldering and polishing the detailing has gotten a little bit lost.

I did a city and guilds in jewellery and silversmithing when I was at college, at the time I wasn't really that into it as I didn't have the patience as it can be very fiddly and requires very steady hands. Earlier in the year my friend said she fancied giving it a go and so I thought I would join her in re-learning my skills. It didn't take me long to remember the basics and now I am really excited to be designing and making my own metal jewellery.

This fox brooch I made from copper as it is much cheaper than silver, to make it from silver the metal alone would cost about £10. But basically I made it by "piercing out" (sawing) the traced shape of the fox head from the copper sheet. Then I filed down the edges and smoothed them down a bit. After that I took to the brooch with a variety of hammers and sharp tools... I hammed the cheeks of the fox and indented the eyes and scratched the markings on the forehead and ears.

Then I pierced out the nose, and filed that down... Next it was time to play with fire, heating up the metal with a blow torch I soldered on the nose and added silver solder to the dents for eyes. I popped it in the acid for a clean and why the metal was soft I hammered it out on a leather bag to make the brooch curved.

Then for the last bit... soldering on a brooch pin and finally popping it in the polisher to make it shiny. I think on Monday I may try and polish it up a bit more.

I also made a tiny bird from silver which I'm going to use for a charm for my mum... hope she appreciates it! I might make the fox brooch from silver too... and perhaps improve some of the techniques and textures... Below is the ring I made in my first and second session... my grandad says its a weapon... I think it's fun but perhaps the ring itself could be thinner in width. What do you think?

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  1. so pretty, i love the ring too! wish i had patience with sculptural things!

  2. Your blog is so amazing! Love the brooch :)


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