Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yesterday I bought a new surfboard, yep another (I now have three)... this time it's a 9'1 longboard it's lovely. I bought it because I've gotten scared of waves, and wanted something to play around on in the smallest of swells. I should get over my new found fear of bigger waves and rocks and incoming tides but I'm guessing that will take time. This time last year I was buzzing about surfing, I had confidence and very little fear... I went on a surf trip to Morocco and played around on smaller boards, I came back and had a few scared moments... boards hitting me in the face, the rails of my board almost took off my head (well not quite) and I got freaked out by the thought of incoming tides and rocks... hmmm... so I think although I've been in the sea loads my surfing has gotten worse. But I guess the only person who can make that change is myself.

We went to Gwithian yesterday afternoon where I played around on my new board, it was fun, real fun... even though I only played around on the inside. I took these snaps as the sun went down and the surf came up to high tide.

I've got lots more news to come... including some amazing new magazines, the new sweaty betty collection (I'm in love), and my new moroccan bags... oh and tomorrow I start a new jewellery and silversmithing course so I will have to start on some designs.

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