A weekend high in sunshine...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

So here is my weekend in pictures, (p.s. sorry blog I have neglected you, through having to do real work... ) yesterday the sun shone and woke me up early and I went for a run, it's amazing how many public footpaths there are in this village... I'm still finding new places... cute lanes filled with wild flowers and felines to make friends with! I spent the rest of the day catching up on the gardening... planted up all my courgette, pea and bean plants (don't ask me what beans because I can't remember - it's a surprise!)... I also went to the garden centre and bought some new plants like tomatoes and peppers and chillies (and a sweet potato plant!!) because my seeds didn't grow into beautiful plants like these 'grafted' versions... also bought cabbages and cauliflowers... not sure where they are going to go!

The afternoon bought a lovely walk with my friend... and lots of sunshine, we walked from Chapel to Porthtowan and back and ate ice cream... I forgot how good cornish ice cream with a flake is... mmmm!  Today I woke up early and met my friend at Godrevy for another long walk - who knew that NOBODY goes the beach at 8.30 in the morning on a Sunday when theres no waves?! we had the whole beach to ourselves so we walked across the beach and sand dunes to Gwithian and then walked back and had an amazing breakie and muffin and tea in the cafe... watching everyone turn up to the beach knowing we'd just had it to ourselves for two hours! 

I stopped off along the coast on the way back, taking lots of photos of bugs, flowers, the coast, you know the usual... and then fell asleep in the sun and read magazines for the entire afternoon in the comfort of my own back garden on our new grass... it was actually amazing... and then I thought... I need a swim... so drove to PT thinking it might be mini flat for a swim but it was pretty windy and not tempting for a bikini dip... so drove to falmouth for the perfect swim in crystal waters... it was amazing, until i got out and froze and shivered all the way home... it only stopped when I had a cup of tea and watched time team... gotta love it... I have rosy cheeks, theres salt in my hair, my room is just as messy as it was on Friday, I haven't done my washing and I'm going to go the bed soon... I think that's a sign of a good weekend... now surf will you please come back good and proper?????

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  1. Oh these pictures are so beautiful! Summer! x

  2. You have honestly just decribed my perfect weekend. Every single thing in this post - sun, sea, gardening, gorse, beach walks, nice food, swimming... - has left me crippled with jealousy...o to live beside the sea!

  3. thanks kate & tigerlilly :) It really was a perfect weekend! I am hoping that this weekend will be as good :) xx


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