The sea is calling...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

This weekend was lovely, the weather was amazing and it was productive... I spent a lot of time outside doing stuff in the sunshine... and it led me to think about things as well... Cue deep thinking... Does anyone else out there not do things because they don't have someone to do it with? Sometimes, I don't do the things I want to do because it would be weird to do them on your own... I often find myself thinking it's a nice evening for a walk on the cliffs, or wouldn't it be great to go explore some place this weekend... only to then realise that perhaps it wouldn't be that great on your billy... anyway for the most of the weekend I hung out with myself, and I kind of liked it... of course it would have been even more fun to share it with others, but it was nice to stop off randomly along the coast, take as long as I wanted to shoot photos of the same yellow gorse in contrast with the turquoise ocean, to drive a little to fast around the country lanes listening to the same song over and over and singing at the top of my voice... and it was perfectly normal to head to the beach on your own and go for a swim in your bikini on a Sunday evening... you've kind of got to make the most of life haven't you? and there's no point in waiting around for someone to share those moments, because it's only you who misses out and stays home... here's to hanging out by yourself...

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