Where does time fly?!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

That's what I want to know... can't believe it's almost April... the past few months have been insanely busy but fun!! I have been to Paris and Antwerp and London (a few times) and Morocco and done lot's of things... I can at last do plank for more than a minute and yoga-ing a couple times a week... I did a headstand on Wednesday, havn't done one of those since I was about 9!

Last night I went surfing with a couple of friends from work, I think I am slightly addicted all I want to do is go in the sea, and I think I am a little bit high on sunshine and spring air... I can't wait for my first summer in Cornwall in 3 years it's going to be amazing! Wooohoo!

I can't believe also that I'm now 24 ahhh... thats getting closer to 25 than 21, I actually have to grow up at some point... hmmm maybe not! But it is time to set some goals and aim to achieve them by the time I'm 25... eeek... so... goals include;

Surfing more - obvious I know; but this year I have to keep going throughout the winter and push myself
Strong knees - I am fed up of having granny knees which creek and crack and hurt, so going to have to try and fix them by strengthening them so that I can run forest run... woohoo...
Draw more - I want to start doing some more self initiated projects, and draw more stuff outside of work time...
Explore Kernow - why do I always go to my favourite places when I should be finding more places to add to my favourites list? I need to go to the top of Carn Brea...
Learn to skateboard - haha never too old? I still want to longboard along Huntingdon beach... live that dream...

I'm sure there are plenty of other things on my to do list... like learn front crawl swimming (why can I only do breaststroke?), grow more vegetables and fruits and eat fresh mmm, make some preserves, buy a new surfboard and paint it, learn to make films, go to the masked ball, camp on a beach, go foraging, learn to handstand?? hmmm... you get the idea... anyway it's the weekend and it's meant to be sunny! yipee! top up on moroccan tan?? I hope so!! xx

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