Painting and tumbling...

Saturday, February 04, 2012

So four whole days off... I'm on my third and loving it... I've done all kinds of things... hung out with my granddad, got my car fixed, got my cat fixed, took photos, made pretty damn good pizza and painted...

I wish my studio was as organised as this... unfortunately it isn't all my paints are hidden away in a drawer... I need to have a clear out too, I have paints and materials for practically every artist hobby from sewing to watercolours and jewellery making (that's what happens when you work in an art shop for 7 years!). I was thinking of maybe doing a crafty give away of my old bits and bobs... would anyone be interested?

I started my tumblr again... (please follow me!) I love my new tumblr page its full of nice images, and cool girls with skateboards, long hair and tiny legs... why don't my legs look like that in shorts? perhaps if I keep going to the gym one day my legs will see the light of day again...

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