Dreaming of warm waters...

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Everytime I watch this video I love it more and more, it cheers me up and reminds me that summer is coming! I'm off to London on Monday and then on to Paris with work to find lots of lovely things to inspire us... I have my new lens for my camera (a 300mm one! - yippee) and I can't wait to take lots of nice pictures...

I'm then going to Antwerp and London again... will be nice to go away... out of the country even! I can't wait to get some new inspiration! Been pretty boring recently just trying to stick to a new diet (very boring - who knew I ate so much sugar) and trying to get as fit and strong as I can for my trip to Morocco in March... surfy surfy time...

I can't wait for this summer, it will be my first summer in three years spent back in Cornwall, and I can't wait to spend evenings after work at the beach and pottering around in the garden... I can't wait to be able to eat my dinner from my garden.... mmmm spinach, rocket and salad.... and mmmm homegrown potato salad with homegrown chives... delicious!

Anyway, I apologise for the lack of blog posts, but hopefully the week after next (when it is nearly March!!) I will have some nice and exciting pictures and tales from my travels


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