John S Eldridge...

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

John S Eldridge

John S Eldridge

John S Eldridge

I just wanted to share with you the work of John S Eldridge, who happens to have a swish new website... take a look! I have been inspired by John's work for a long time and he is always a great person to ask about any camera issues... (thanks John!)

I think it was John's work that inspired me to experiment with photography and to start shooting from the hip, he was doing it long before the mainstream popularity of lomo, holga and 'toy camera' apps... when polaroid themselves still produced films, and you could get bargain film on eBay!

I'm unsure how I feel about the saturation of 'toy camera' images produced digitally, because half the fun is waiting for the image to appear or waiting to get the images back from being developed... and the moment when you get an amazing image... I think it's important to understand how it's really done... more on that in a later post I think!

The collection of images above are a set of polaroid emulsion lifts John made on a trip Scotland... emulsion lifts are cool as... tricky though!

Take a look at John's website for lots of awesome photography and filming... also I blame John for my excessive camera collection!!


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