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Monday, November 28, 2011

Make sure you watch this inspirational lecture by Mickey Smith...

It's actually brilliant what he says... also last night I watched Storyville - Riding Giants on BBC 4 about surfing culture, some really brilliant footage from the 40's 50's and 60's... it made me want to go back to Hawaii's North Shore... so much so I dreamt about it last night! So I thought I'd put up some snaps from my travels to Hawaii from 2007.

Theses few pics are from the North Shore, at the time I had a crappy 4mp camera and so my pics aren't all that great... here is sunset at Sunset Beach :)

This shot was taken along the North Shore between Keiki Beach and Pipeline...

And then the bus stop at Sunset beach...

Hawaii was brill... I wish I had more pictures!

Aside from dreams of Hawaii I have also fallen in love with this wonderful birdy wallpaper by Elli Popp and Edwyn Collins...

Elli Popp & Edywn Collins Wallpaper

Elli Popp & Edywn Collins Wallpaper

Theres also bowls and plates and mugs with the birdy drawings on, I am loving the owl ones :)

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